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10 Best VPN Services – Top 10

There are a lot of VPN providers out there with more cropping up all the time in response to increased consumer demand, driven largely by savvy internet users becoming more alarmed as governments across the world encroach upon users’ rights to privacy. Internet users in countries such as Iran and China have long used VPN as a means of bypassing government spying and censorship, but even in the so-call ‘fee’ world it is becoming increasingly apparent that our basic liberties are coming under attack.
In the US the proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) and in the UK the upcoming Communications Data Bill (commonly referred to as the ‘snoopers charter’) aim to give the respective governments wide ranging and unprecedented access to their own citizens’ every online action – every web site they visit, every email they send etc. Add to this the incredibly wealthy entertainment industry’s determination (with the full support of most governments) to hunt file sharers down and hound them through the courts, and the rise of ‘copyright trolls’ making a dubious living through threatening alleged file shares to ‘pay up’ or face ruinous legal fees, and it quickly becomes clear why so many people are turning to VPN in order to protect their online privacy.
While choosing to use a VPN is a no-brainier these days (in our humble opinion), choosing the right one can remain a tricky task.

  1. Do they keep logs? Yes = bad, no = good
  2. What other policies and features do they implement to support users anonymity and privacy?
  3. Is P2P torrent downloading permitted (only important for those who wish to P2P of course)?
  4. Do they have servers in locations that are useful to you (for unlocking geo-restricted websites for example)?
  5. Price
  6. How easy is the service to use?
  7. How accessible and helpful is the customer support?
  8. Encryption used – the short story is PPTP is rubbish, everything else is fine, and 128-bit encryption is more than enough
With these points in mind, this is our top ten. Remember that we are tirelessly in the process of reviewing new services, so this list (as with all our lists) may be subject to occasional revision.
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