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Anonymous-OS: For Real World Hacking

The infamous hacking collective Anonymous this morning released its own operating system, dubbed Anonymous OS.

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The new OS is available to download via Sourceforge and there it's been described as "an ubuntu-based distribution and created for educational purposes, to checking the security of web pages."
According to a Tumblr blog dedicated to the shiny new operating system, simply called Anonymous-OS, it was released two days ago and has already had plenty of interest, with more than 4600 downloads and lots of feedback from members of the group, fans and hacker wannabes.
It's no surprise that the group created an 'About Us' page to answer some popular questions:
Q - Who created Anonymous-OS Live?
A - Anonymous-OS created by Anonymous!
Q - Is it safe to use Anonymous-OS?
A - Yes it is 100% safe. You can use Anonymous-OS as safe as you can use any Linux distro.
Q - Where i can find tutorials for preinstalled tools?
A - For now, you can search to any search engine with name of tool and find many tutorials. Maybe in future we create some how-to's
Q - How can i help with Anonymous-OS?
A - You can help Anonymous-OS with your feedback to do Anonymous-OS Live better.
Q - Can i donate Anonymous-OS?
A - No. We do not do this about money. We are not interested for money. If you want to donate somewhere, please do it on some opensource project.
There's obviously no sure-fire way to guarantee this is the work of Anonymous, or the random collection of hackers that call themselves Anonymous, let's remember this isn't an evil group of Bond-style villains on a remote island somewhere.
We've also got no indication of exactly why it's been built or whether it's truly safe for you to download, so maybe don't go installing everything in a bid to be the next Lisbeth Salander just yet.
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