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DDoSeR 4.3 Official setup tutorial

DDoSeR 4.3 Official setup tutorial
First of all, you need your client, there are many clients, and tutorials out there the ones you find on YouTube, COMPLETELY FAKE.

They will be trying to infect you to get their botnets bigger, which in terms is what you guys will be doing as well if you choose to spread that way which I will be selling another spreading tutorial if you choose to buy I will sell.
The Best DDoSeR on the Market as of currently is DDoSeR 4.3 I reccomend going to purchase it from ddoser.info 

1st. Get your client booter whichever you may choose either free booters or ones you pay for if your gonna buy one I recommend is The Best DDoSeR on the Market as of currently is DDoSeR 4.3 I reccomend going to purchase it from ddoser.info
Okay so here we go.

2nd. Go to no-ip.com and make an account, once you make the account, make a DNS for example something like this MoFkN123.no-ip.info (to make a DNS click add host make sure its no-ip.info)

3rd. Go to your cmd prompt, and type the following.


your ip address and default gateway will pop up.
open your internet and type the default gateway in the address bar press enter.
this is going to be taking you into your router settings. some require passwords.

Once you are in you need to open the port that your specific booter requires. for example DDoSeR requires port 3086 UDP/TCP

If need help, opening ports please. refer to the following site and find your router.

Okay once we have your port opened go back to the booter and follow these steps.

1st. Go the the booter find the settings tab or where ever it is to make your bot

It will ask you for your DNS which is what you made above ^^^
Some booters may ask the port you just opened.
all booters will ask you what you want to name it.
name it something that wont be suspicious like this EX: Csrss.exe / svchost.exe
Some will ask if you want to USB Spread or bypass Firewall choose your proper settings.

Then save/build it.
Once you do some booters require you to go to the main screen and right click and click listen some auto listen on the port and some booters you can toggle auto-listen on or off.

ok so now that your listening on the port that you opened were going to be running a test to make sure your bot works.

Double click or open your bot and look for it to pop in your connections list.

You can right click and click uninstall. or push CTRL+ALT+DEL. and find the process which will be listed as what you put above. csrss.exe / svchost.exe end that process your bot will disappear which is good because you want to infect
others not yourself.

Once you get the bot that works make sure you find someone to make your bot undetectable/crypt it, and then you will be set and ready to go!

once crypted start spreading you can choose to buy that tutorial from me or you can try to figure the best way to do this on the internet I wish you the best of luck on your booting and whatever you possibly decide to get into,
and welcome to the scene.

IP Config in CMD

IP config in the cmd prompt


No-Ip add host

DDoSeR 4.3 Profile maker

DDoSeR 4.3 profile creator
Bot Build

Test to make sure all went properly

Test to see if ports and bot and no-ip was all setup correctly open bot on your own computer :)

Extra Sceenies

ThanXx For Giving It A Read If You Have Any Questions Regarding This Comment Below :)
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