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Finding IP address in Gmail From Email Header's

Email headers determine where a message is sent, and records the specific path the message follows as it passes through each mail server.

When You send an email to any of your friends or others could be your Girl friends Never mind. But When you send the email through any email client like Gmail , Yahoo Mail , Hotmail, AOL, Outlook Express, etc it also sends the Email Header which contains Some important information for Us i.e.Hackers.
Basically it is a feature of Mailing protocol.
Now when the victim sends you a Email through any ,Gmail, Yahoo mail etc doesn't matter, then mail comes to your inbox in the form of Email Header but the your Email client changes it and shows only readable part of it.

Well This article is based on how to view Email headers in Gmail. We Will talk about others in Future too. Yeah its a kind of easy tutorial....
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