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How To Get IP Address Of Any Forum User.

Here is a simple and effective way of getting the IP address of forum users. I will explain two methods for doing this.

The first method is not as effective as the second but they both work very well! In the first method we get a lot of IP addresses and can't really tell one from another. However, it can be good if you are targetting a specific group of people or something like that. The second method will give you a specific persons IP address, but works only on forums where you can embed images in Private Messages.

Now let's get down to business!

Method One - Get a lot of IP addresses from users.
Step One
First things first. We need to have a target. I recommend you to go elsewhere with
your evil deeds Awink I am sure that you already have a forum in mind so let us move on.

Let us begin by making a arbitrary thread. Be sure to make the thread interesting so that you get a lot of views.
Every view will provide you with a IP address so this is important if you want victims.

Step Two
Go to this website: http://iplogger.org/getnewid.php
Then copy the second link. It is a MyBB code with an image, and looks something like this:


Now add this code anywhere in the thread. IT is an invisible image so do not worry about it being seen.
It can't unless someone quotes your thread.

Step Three
Now all you need to do is submit the thread, sit back and relax. On the IPlogger website, click "View Log" and see all the
IP addresses of people who visited your thread. Now get dirty and do what you want with the IP addresses Smiling

Here is an example of how the IP addresses will appear. As you can see, a lot of IPs are shown and you can't tell one from another.
Unless you know the persons specific country. If you do so, then just pick him out from the list Smiling
Method Two - Get specific users IP address.

This method is very much like the first one and does not need to be put down in steps. Instead of posting a thread, write a
PM to the user whose IP you need and wait for him to view the PM. Be sure to embed the image in the PM and you'll get his
IP address as soon as he views the PM. This is very effective if you need to hit someone who is trolling on forums.

I hope you put this to good use. There are at on of uses for this method and you just need a little creativity to get any persons IP address. Very simple but still incredibly effective when used the right way. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Feel free to
post any comments or concerns you may have.
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