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How to Setup Cythisia v2

1. First of all Download it here - Click Me

2. After Downloading you should have the .rar file. Extract it and it should look like this

3. Now you need a Webhost to upload it. If you not allready have one

4. Once your subdomain is ready, go to your control panel.

5. In your Control Panel go to Advanced, then "Mysql Databases".

6. Fill out the required data tut for chf donot leech it

7. Next to "mysql databases, there should be the task "phpmyadmin". Click on it. Then there should show up your created database. Click on "enter phpmyadmin".

8. Now you are in phpmyadmin. Goto to Import, then browse to to dump.sql, which you can find in the "webpanel" folder. Upload it and your done.

9. After this go to "File Manager 1"

10. Go into the public html folder.

11. Click Upload and browse to the "Webpanel.zip" archive ( make sure you upload it on the right side

12. After succesful uploading, go back to the File manager, tick the webpanel folder and click on "chmod"

13. chmod the folder to 777 and tick the two fields below

[Image: 36537510.jpg]

14. Ok now you uploaded the files. Now you have to edit one of the files with your mysql data, which can you find again in "mysql databases" in the control panel.

15. Go to /Webpanel/admin/inc/config.php and click edit

16. Now you will see the php file, you have to edit it with your mysql database datas like me

17. Now go to your website: http://www.yoursite.com/Webpanel/
A small box with "password" should pop up. The default password is "admin". To edit the password edit the index.php which you can find in /Webpanel/index.php

18. Login and your Panel should look like this

19. Now we go for the builder part, open Cythbuilder.exe and edit the data like me for example

[Image: 65265810.jpg]

20. Get the builded.exe and spread it.

21. Done
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