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Method For Anti-Skype Resolve

Method For Anti-Skype Resolve

Alright so the first thing you're going to want to do is get the Tor
Expert Bundle Pack.

Download TOR

Make sure you have your 1337 hacker colours set up by typing 'color 0a' into cmd.exe

[Image: 5fa1d715843f309ca42f2cbc3b702cff.png]

Download Proxifier

Once Proxifier is installed, Add a new proxy server
with the hostname localhost/ and TOR's control port of 9050.

[Image: 2EXoX.png]

Then create the rulesets for Proxifier to use so it can route specific applications through TOR.

[Image: 2EXqz.png]

Then you should see all of the sockets that Skype opens up and the data being routed through the TOR circuit.

[Image: 2EXrH.png]

Then resolve yourself with a decent Skype resolver API, here i'll use http://www.zsnag.info

[Image: 2EXDe.png]

When your Skype is "resolved" they will see the TOR exit node and not your actual WAN IP address. When they attempt to DDoS the TOR exit node, TOR will re-route traffic through another exit node instantly.

If you want a free Skype resolver try http://www.anonware.net.
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