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Reverting emails ?


Ok, email reverting is where you use people's personal information, which is gained by d0xing to reset thier password.

Wouldn't that be hard?

Not nececarily, email reverting is very simple, and can be done in minutes, or sometimes it could be hard, depending on the information provided by the user.

What will i gain from email reverting?
You will gain full access to thier emails. All username's, and password's connected to thier email. It would be good if your after a specific thing.

What information do I need?

Normally you would need either, date or birth, place of birth, first friend, favourite pet, first pet, mother's maiden name, mother's place of birth, and alot more. To check, just goto the email host, and go forget password, and follow the prompts.

Getting thier email & information.

Ok, first of all, you would definately need thier email. Once you have got that, I suggest searching it in Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, and all the other blog like websites. Facebook is really good, because it show's the date of birth. While researching them, it's good to have notepad open, and jot down random information aswell.
Searching thier details in google is good too. If you cannot get anything from thier email, try the start of the email, or thier usernames from sites you know. Eg, if it is hello123@live.com and nothing came up, try searching hello123.

I cannot garuntee you that it will work though.

Using the information.
To use the information, goto the email's host, and click forgot password. It should ask you for a few questions.

If you have the information right, that's great. But maybe the information is right, the email's just not up to date. That's when we need to go back in time and research. Try going through comment's posted a while back, and pick up information from thier too..

Yeah that sums it up.

I'm truly sorry if this didn't help you, I was in a rush, and wanted it done quickly. Maybe in a week or two, I can make a better one.

I hope you liked it, please give feedback. Also I'll love your +rep's :-)

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