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Securing Your Skype From Resolvers

Securing Your Skype From Resolvers

Today i have a simple tutorial on how to secure your Skype  I will make this short but to the point.

Step 1: Go to http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/ and look for a good HTTPS proxy with good connection, speed, and anonymity. To maximize your search, just do the search options to what was said above.

[Image: BEdaMmc.png]

Next, go to this link (from a old post, i dont have the download myself anymore :( ) Download

Then, Simply copy the IP:PORT from hidemyass and configure it to the program. Click the download button at the bottem!

[Image: mboSN8N.png]

Then, simply open the registry file, click yes for the warning if there is one, restart your computer and check skype!

You can check skype by going to skype>tools>options>advanced>connection and there should be a HTTPS IP and port! There you now have a safe skype!

If that was too difficult...

Simply go to http://imo.im and sign in with your skype info! Your skype is now using imo's server IP and not your original ones!
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