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Android apps for e-book readers

Android apps for e-book readers
Android apps for e-book readers

Most bookworms swear by the good old hardcopy versions of books. There’s no such feeling as flipping through the pages of a book, checking your progress by looking at the number of pages left, going back to a specific page that you loved, gripping that book as you patiently wade through the climax. However, e-books are continuously trying to overcome the setbacks of not matching up to their physical counterparts. On the upside, e-books are easy to carry around on your phone or tablet. And let’s admit, we do not exactly want to be caught dead carrying a hardcopy of the Fifty Shades series!

Here are some of the apps available on Google Play…
Aldiko – This app allows for a shelf view or a list view. The shelf view is reminiscent of the old libraries with the latest edition of the magazines propped up in front. They also have an Aldiko Store where you can download books from e-book stores. Swiping your finger across the bottom of the page takes you to the next page, simulating the feeling of reading an actual book. Three of your recent reads are also displayed on the very first page of the app so you can dive straight into where you left off. This app reads .epub as well as .pdf files, although it is a more convenient read when it is in .epub format.
KoboGoogle Play Books – Google Play Books is Google’s own version of an e-books reader. The one good thing about this app is that you can synchronise the e-books on your laptop, tablet and your phone. Their carousel view definitely makes picking a book from the library a very exciting affair. And, if you have been reading a book, it turns up at the very beginning of your carousel view the next time you open the app. Flipping through pages has never felt so realistic. Moreover, since Google Play is also selling e-books, it makes it easier to just stick to Google’s e-book reader.
Kobo – When you create a user id (you can use your Facebook id, if you choose), Kobo allows you to freely download two books they choose. The app also allows you to synchronise with your tablet or laptop and updates accordingly. On this app, you can add your comments on each page and also view what others reading the book on the app have to say. Apart from the books displayed under ‘Recent Activity’, you also have the option to look at your library, ‘Reading Life’ and the kobo store. Reading Life displays various statistics such as the total read time, pages turned and your average pages per hour. The app also has a store that has been clearly segregated according to various genres which makes hunting for books under your favourite genre a cakewalk.
Moon Reader – This app too has a list view and shelf view. The pages literally fold as you turn them which, though similar to the physical experience, feel a little orchestrated. When you close a book, the app shows the percentage of the book that you have finished reading. Three of the books you last opened would be displayed when you open the app the next time. The Net Library has stores such as Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks, and also allows you to add new catalogues to the list. Moreover, the Statistics page gives you details such as the number of pages turned per hour and words per minute.

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