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How professional hackers hack e-mail accounts and social networking accounts

Hi friends, Sorry for the late , But from now i will try to publish 2 or 3 post in a week. Today i am going to reveal the secret how professional hackers hack e-mail ids and social networking accounts.

Theses professional receives upto  $1000 for hacking a e-mail account. There is no special software or hidden technology behind this work. A normal computer user can do this with a little effort. First i want to clear one thing any software cannot disclose password of any e-mail address. ( Or if it can incase i don't know about it then i am sure only few companies can afford this software) Well I know you have seen a  lot of website with advertisement " Get any e-mail account password guaranteed , Only $50 or more". Today i am going to disclose how they do all this.
There are some steps to hack e-mail accounts, but getting password of a e-mail user is totally depends on the user's unawareness.
(1) Gather e-mail address and other details( If possible).
(2)Now suppose you don't know who owns this e-mail address, Open Google and search e-mail id if e-mail id will be on any open web page, you can find a lot of information about that user, For example- Their name, city, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes and social network links also.

(3)If you have got sufficient information about the user then we will move to next step and skip this. If not open facebook and twitter or if from India don't forget the Orkut, search that person and try to make them friend with a fake account.

(4)Now you have a lot of information about that person. Make a fake mail advertisement with a phishing link and send to that e-mail id. Make sure your fake mail content matches with that person's interests. Here your social networking friendship can work , try to convince that person for clicking on the phish link.
(5)Now if 4th step doesn't work for you, trace that person's location, operating system and browsers. Here e-mail tracker pro, wordpress blog or readnotify can help you better. Make a remotely executable keylogger engine and send the download link or file to victim, Here you need to show how much you had studied at psychology classes.

If you follow these five steps there are 90% chances you can hack any normal or advanced computer users e-mail address. So hope now you know its only a social engineering trick not anything else.
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