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How to hack wordpress websites

There is so many Pepoles using Facebook Connect Wordpress plugin for their blogs. They think it's cool. But it could be a Big Security hole. Here's the way to hack these sites.

Step 1 : http://www.google.com

Step 2:Now enter this dork to find sites with security hole..


 Step 3: You will find many sites, Select the site which you are comfortable with. 

You will find something like that.

Step 4: Now replace 

with this

Step 5: Now you have the User name and Password.

Step 6: The password is encrypted with Wordpress md5 (blowfish). You need to decode this. 

Step 7: Then find the administrator panel out. Normally it should be in 


Note: Decoding this type of password may take a big time.

So you here is another way to hack the password.....

Step 1: Open Havij and paste the blog url you are going to hack..



Step 2: Now find Databases, Tables.

Step 3: Select wp-users then find tick on all columns. Then click on Get Data.

Step 4: You will find something like that..

Step 5: Now select any user and change the user_pass to 


Step 6: Now login with the password hackintruths .
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