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Let your Computer say Welcome on startup

As of most tutorial written in this website, this tutorial will also not need any software. After reading this tutorial you will able to make your talk and greet you on every start up in the way you like.

What we are going to do?

We will make a VB script and place it in Windows 7 Start up folder. There after, every time you log in, a voice will greet you after the start up sound (if enabled).

Step 1

Open Notepad. Copy paste the code written below:

Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Welcome, Abhishek”
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks
Now, change my name to yours inside the code. Infact, you can change and place any sentence within the quotation mark in the code. I have tested, it works fine upto 5 words. You can change the spelling, add space, punctuation etc to make it more realistic.
For example, I want to hear my name as “Oh-bhi-shake” ; so I will write there “Oh bhi shake”.
Here is the screenshot:

Now, Save it as “Greetings.vbs” (without quotes) and as I always say, change the file from text to “all files“. Save it to some location, you can remember; say Desktop. Here is screenshot of this step:

Step 2

Now, we have to place it inside the Windows Startup folder. Click the Start-Button, choose “All Programs” and you will find it as a folder named Startup. Right Click it and choose Open or Explore. (Look the address bar in the screenshot below):

Copy the VBS file you have created and paste there. You must be logged on as Admin. A prompt will come, just accept it:

Step 3

Just restart the and you will hear the voice!
To disable it, just delete the file.
Now, we will go to further details.

Type of voices: In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the default female voice is Anna. In Windows XP and 2000 its Sam.

There is way to change the settings of this default voice in Windows 7 and Vista too.
Click the Start Button, type “narrator” without quotes:

Narrator will open and begin to speak:
Just click the “Voice settings” and you will get this :

There are third party voices available for installation, the world’s quality best is if of Ket, but not available outside bulk purchase. Quality wise, Anna is next to it.
Additional settings:
You can add some parameters too! For example:
with speech
Set .voice = .getvoices.item(0)
.Volume = 100
.Rate = 0
end with
Here, volume is defined in percentage. Other commands are:
.Pause = pause speaking
.resume = resume after pause
.Rate = speed of spoken words. The larger number, the faster pitch.
.Voice = If multiple exist on machine, say Sam and Anna are available, you can set any one.
.Volume = Already explained.
.WaitUntilDone = wait until done – Voice will wait still all the services loads, i.e. the system is completely ready.

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