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Make free call anywhere in the world Hacking

Hello guys today i will not be sharing any hack but a way to make free calls anywhere in world by using vox.io . Just we have to signup with a free account & then then validate your phone number . After that you can earn balance by
Invite your friends to vox.io. It’s free to call other Vox.io users but if you want to make any international calls then charges apply.


- Signup
- verify email
- verify phone number
- invite your friends & earn credits
- Enjoy free call !


    Simple and easy to use.
    Call friends through browser.
    Upload contacts from your PC.
    Free calls with other Vox.io users.
    Buy credit and make cheap calls.
    Free calls to other Vox.io users.
   Invite friends & earn credits.

Click here to go to visit the website  - Vox.io
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