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The truth about GOOGLE

Google is now the most used search engine all over the world, But do you know how it works?
And how fake it is!

Lets take an example:
We go to google and search for cars (simple) -
you will find results in millions, that to in exact 000 endings
is it possible??
Ok search something you want like 'plumber' again there will be billions of results and ending in perfect 000 ending
eg. 1,96,000,000

OK... maybe it may have that amount of results!!
So lets check it.
Go to settings and select show 100 results per page
BOOM !! You can go more then 10 pages. End of search!
So that mean 100 x 10 = 1000 results!!

Fail Google!! EPIC FAIL!

only the 1st 10 results in Google is authentic everything else is just crap !!

So what do you do when you need some really detailed research??

You can always use some useful sites like:

www.fataak.com (A Indian local search engine, really impressive. Still in beta but worth seeing)
and many others !

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Let's wait until tomorrow - we'll hack something :D
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