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Use your VLC media player to watch online television

VLC media player is one of the very popular media player that we use to play our media files. But there is one interesting feature of vlc player that we all should be aware of. Watching online tv is now possible in  this media player. You dont need to go to any website or install any new software to watch online television, you just require VLc media player.
If you don’t have VLC player already installed in your system then you can download it from here.

Steps to use vlc player to run online tv

1. open the Media player.
2. Click on “Media” from the top menu bar .
3.Select “Streaming” from the drop-down box which comes when you click on “Media”.
3. A new dialog box opens up.
5. Click on the “Network” tab.
6.Now, you have to type the network url in the empty space provided.For example,”rtsp://” is the network url for etv.
7. As and when you type the network url ,click that downwards arrow(with the “Stream” button) and choose the “Play” option.
8. And you are done.
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