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How to send keylogger to victim's

1. After installing  Ardamax keylogger, select and right  click Ardamax keylogger icon from your tasks bar. Now select enter registration key , then put in the name and the serial number which you will get from the downloaded software folder


2.  Now right click Ardamax keylogger icon and select  remote installation, click next two times check all  the boxes as shown then finally click next

3. Now click enable and enter a password so that no one can open the keylogger then click next  three times, check "send logs every " and set your time say 5 min , Then select delivery method as Ftp, finally click next

4. Now enter your ftp account details which you created earlier in my case in enter Ftp host -ftp.drivehq.com ,remote folder -/logs ,user - test, Finally click next

5.  Now check all the boxes and click next, set your time for capturing the screen shots, then click next, If you want you can also change the icon by selecting change icon as shown. Finally select next and click finish

now send the .exe file which will generates after installations ..................
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