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Windows 10 launch date 29 july 2015

Get ready for Windows 10 after windows 8, Microsoft  has declare its launch date 29 July 2015

Windows 10 launch date 29 july 2015

We all are wating for Windows 10 for a long time and now it will relase on 29 July 2015. Microsoft new window  has various latest features. According to Microsoft  this operating system has been designed according to mobile computing so that it can be used with desktop,  tab, mobile or any other device easily also company said that it will give same experience in all devices.

Windows 10 will be available with the release in 190 country on 29 July, 2015 in your nearest computer center.  Microsoft also said that people who have windows 7 or 8 will get free upgrade to windows 10. With that Microsoft has made easy to run Android os in Windows 10 . In a conference Microsoft said that Android app developer use Java and C++ to make Android app Same can be used in Windows 10 which mean they can easly run windows 10 and apps.

According to news and report Windows 10 may be last version of Windows os series from Microsoft,  company will update this os time to time but not release its new version. According to Jerry Nixon (Devlopment Executive,  Microsoft) company will not relase new os after that.

People who are using Windows 7 or 8 are able to upgrade their os to windows 10 easily for that they have to register for upgrade. Users can download windows 10 preview copy from 'join the window insider'. which shows windows feature,  then user can upgrade old os,  for that  user click on pop up message and get register,  after registration the upgradatation process get started automaticaly. On sucessfull upgraded message will appear on your screen.  But all of these process occur after launch date.  But you can register any time before or after launch.  So get ready to use advanced and latest operating system from Microsoft,  Windows 10. 

So friends i am also excited to use Windowd 10 , must share your experience with Windows 10 here so that other can decide to go with it or not.  


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