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Points to remember before buying camera

If you are planning to buy new camera or going to buy a new camera then first of all clear your mind which camera fulfill your need i.e., Digital or DSLR.
Points to remember before buying camera
if you are going to buy camera for personal use like for birthday, picnic, party e.t.c then must read these Points to remember before buying camera , don’t go for DSLR it will wastage of money. Instead of DSLR you can buy any digital or SLR camera. Now days digital camera has good resolution 14-20 megapixel and with lots of features like auto focus, face detection, panorama, e.t.c. which give you best result in day and night.

Always buy a camera with attached lens, which is multipurpose , DSLR provide you feature to change lenses according to Image, Large lens i.e., >300mm give you the ability to click distant object clearly without losing Picture quality. Now days camera came with two type of object viewing an technique first obe is view finder and second one is LCD screen ., Some of the DSLR camera has both, by using LCD screen you are able to click images with some new angles as you can rotate it @ 360 degree.

Points to remember before buying cameraDigital camera has optical Zoom and digital zoom , DSLR has manual zoom, for handling DSLR you need some kind of training whereas for handling Digital camera you don’t need any special training., In DSLR you have to adjust Macro, exposure, ISO and more to get a perfect click these settings must be accurate ., otherwise picture get spoiled., where in digital camera all adjustment were bade by camera itself you just have to press shoot button.,So Points to remember before buying camera for DSLR it is necessary to get some formal training, so that you can use it in the way for which it is ment ., not just for zoom in and zoom out., it is also necessary to buy perfect kit for your need ., wrong kit may lead to wastage of money as they never get used ., .Always buy VR kit ( Vibration Reduction ) it help to get perfect click.,

so friends if you are going to buy any camera and planning to buy DSLR, first get some formal training so that you are able to show your world in better and beautiful way ., other wise go for Digital camera ., Best result in cheap prices., 
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